Unable to take phone calls with the SMARTmini AUX

  • Try playing music with a Bluetooth enabled device paired to the SMARTminiI AUX.
    • Does music work, but not the phone call feature?
  • Make sure the SMARTmini AUX is securely plugged into the AUX port on your sound system and the correct AUX or LINE IN source is selected.
    • Does the SMARTmini AUX work for phone calls now?
  • Try adjusting the "in call volume" of your device and make sure it is at maximum, also make sure the sound system is at an appropriate level.
    • Are you able to hear or take calls now?
  • You may need to try unpairing the device from the SMARTmini AUX and then pairing it again. Do so by deleting the SmartMINI AUX from your devices "paired device list", then pair the SMARTmini AUX back to your device.
    • Does this solve the problem?
  • If possible, please try hands free calling with a different Bluetooth enabled device.
    • Does the hands free calling feature work with a different device?

Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.