Pairing to the BlueSYNC BR2

How to pair the BlueSync BR2 to a Bluetooth enabled device: 
  1. Make sure that your mobile device is within at least 3 feet of the speaker when trying to pair and that the BlueSYNC BR2 is powered on.
  2. Enter pairing mode on the BlueSYNC BR2 by pressing the PLAY/PAUSE button. The LED indicator will flash red and blue when the speaker is in pairing mode. 
  3. Access the Bluetooth settings in your mobile device and select SEARCH/SCAN FOR DEVICES. Your mobile device will begin to search for a Bluetooth signal.
  4. You will see the name “BlueSYNC BR2” appear in the device list. Select it to pair, and if a password or PIN is needed enter the numbers “0000”. You may have to then select BlueSYNC SRC and press “CONNECT”.
  5. After a successful connection has been made, your device will say it is connected to the BlueSYNC BR2.


Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.


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