No sound is heard from the SonaVERSE CLK



** Please note: Using the AUX IN port canceled RADIO and SD/Flash drive audio. Remove the AUX cable when using other audio sources. **

  • Make sure the SonaVERSE CLK is plugged in and powered on. If power saving mode is switched to ON, please turn power saving mode off as no features will work when in power saving mode.
    • Is the SonaVERSE CLK on and is power saving mode (on back of speaker) switched to off?
  • Use the volume knob on the top of the SonaVERSE CLK to turn the volume up.
    • Do you here audio from the speaker now?
  • If trying to use the FM radio, make sure the FM Radio button on the top has been pressed.
    • Does the FM radio work when the FM Radio button is pressed?
  • If you're using an AUX cable to listen to audio, make sure the AUX cable is plugged securely into the speakers AUX port and securely into the media device you're using. Also, make sure the music input button (with the music note) is pressed once to change to SD/AUX output.
    • Was the AUX cable securely plugged in and did pressing the music input button allow media to come through the speaker?
  • If you're using the SD or Flash drive feature, insert the storage device into the correct port and then press the music input button (with the musical note) Please make sure the storage device is formatted (FAT32 preferred) and that the files on the storage device are .mp3 only, other file types will not be played. Also, make sure the files on the storage device are located in the root directory of the device and not in folders.
    • Were the conditions above met, does the audio come from the speaker now?

Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.