IBM/Lenovo Battery Error Message

Notice to customers:

IBM Lenovo laptops have a program installed on the operating system that checks for a genuine IBM laptop battery and to detect possible third-party laptop batteries. The program will alert you that you are NOT using a Lenovo/IBM laptop battery, but will not prevent you from using the third-party laptop battery. Nonetheless, notifications can be burdensome so here's how you can disable the third-party laptop battery notifications on IBM Lenovo laptops:
  • Access the Windows Start Menu and go to the Control Panel, from there go to:
  • Thinkpad Configuration > Power Manager > Power Scheme
  • On the Power Scheme screen click "Options" and then uncheck the box with "Periodically show messages about battery charge capacity"
  • Click "Ok" to accept and save the changes and you will no longer receive pop-ups about using a third party notebook battery