Battery inside of the ENHANCE NightLUX EXP is not holding a charge



Upon first receiving the ENHANCE NightLUX EXP it is recommended to charge the internal battery with the included USB charging cable for 4 hours. The charging indicator will illuminate red while charging.

  • With a fully charged battery, the ENHANCE NightLUX EXP will work for 40 minutes on the high brightness mode.
  • With a fully charged battery, the ENHANCE NightLUX EXP will work for 4.5 hours on the low brightness mode..
    • Are you experiencing the above run time with the ENHANCE NightLUX EXP battery?
  • If you are not getting the advertised run time, please exercise the internal battery. Fully charge, and then fully discharge the battery with the USB charging cable. Repeat this process 4-6 times for best battery life.
    • Does exercising the internal battery allow you to observe the advertised run times?

The following run times are expected per minute of hand crank charging:



If the troubleshooting above does not solve your problem, please contact customer service.