USB device will not charge from the FlexSMART SP USB ports

  • Please disconnect and re-connect the USB charging cable that you are using. Do this with the connection between the cable and FlexSMART SP, and between the cable and your device.
    • Does your device charge now?
  • Please make sure that there is power flowing.
    • Is the LCD screen on, what about the blue light surrounding the power button?
  • Please try using your OEM cable, or another cable for charging. Newer cell phones or MP3 players may require a specific cable requirement other than the free cables included with the FlexSmart SP.
    • Does using a different cable solve the problem?
  • The FlexSmart SP has two different USB ports, please try both of the ports.
    • Does the device charge from one port but not the other?

Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.