Device plugged into the ReVIVE SOLAR RESTORE Panel 360 is not charging



  • Make sure the ReVIVE SOLAR RESTORE Panel 360 is positioned so the solar cells receive the maximum amount of sunlight. When the panel is receiving amply sunlight, the LED on the panel will glow blue. The brighter the LED, the more power it is receiving. You may need to experiment with the positioning of the panel for maximum efficiency.
    • Is the LED light glowing blue when the panel is placed in the sun?
  • Once the panel indicates that it is receiving power from the sun, use your own provided cable, plug one end into the USB port on the panel, and the other end into the device you wish to charge.
    • Does the plugged in device begin receiving a charge from the panel?
  • Sometimes a cable could be bad or not able to deliver enough power. If possible, please try using more than one cable with the ReVIVE SOLAR RESTORE Panel 360 when attempting to charge a device.
    • Does using a different cable allow your connected device to charge?
  • The ReVIVE SOLAR RESTORE Panel 360 is an active solar charger that outputs at a maximum of 5v and 360mAh. This may not be enough power to charge larger devices such as tablets or larger smart phones. Please try charging more than one device with the ReVIVE SOLAR RESTORE Panel360.
    • How many devices have you tried charging with the panel, which ones received a charge?

Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.