There is no sound (Bluetooth or AUX)

No sound when connected via Bluetooth:

  • Please make sure that your Bluetooth device supports A2DP (audio/music) connection, and that it has been paired properly.
    • Does your device indicate that it is connected to the BlueSYNC MCX      
  • Try adjusting the volume on the BlueSYNC MCX speaker and on the paired device.   
    • Does adjusting the volume make the sound audible?
  • Please make sure that your mobile Bluetooth device is within 30 feet of the BlueSYNC MCX. The maximum Bluetooth range may vary in different environments and on the paired device.
    • Does moving the Bluetooth enabled device closer to the speaker solve the problem?
  • Make sure that there is nothing plugged into the AUX port of BlueSYNC MCX. If there is it cancels out the Bluetooth connection.
    • Was there something connected to the AUX, if so, did removing it solve the problem?

No sound when connected to AUX:

  • To enter AUX mode on the BlueSYNC MCX, simply plug the AUX cable into the rear of the speaker, and the other end into the headphone port on the media source to be used.
    • Do you hear sound when switching to AUX mode?
  • Make sure to adjust volume on your audio device controls as well as on the BlueSYNC MCX. Volume can only be controlled from the plugged in device while using the AUX port. The controls on the speaker will not work.
    • Does adjusting the volume on connected device solve the no sound issue?
  • Please make sure that when using the AUX- line-in port, the cable is properly connected to both your device and to the BlueSYNC MCX.
    • Try unplugging the AUX cable and plugging it back in, does this solve the problem?
  • Make sure the AUX cable is plugged all the way into the media device being used as well as the BlueSYNC MCX.
    • Be sure it is all the way plugged in, not obstructed, and not dirty, does this help?

Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.