Volume when using the SonaVERSE LYT is too low

  • Please make sure to adjust volume on your audio device as well as on the SonaVERSE LYT. To adjust volume on the SonaVERSE LYT, turn the volume wheel on the back of the speaker with your finger. 
    • Does adjusting the volume on the speaker or the device solve the low volume issue?
  • Please make sure the AUX cable is properly connected with your device, remove any case or skin as they can cause an incomplete connection.
    • Try unplugging the AUX cable and plugging it back in, does this solve the problem?
  • Make sure the AUX cable is plugged all the way into the media device being used.
    • Be sure it is all the way plugged in, not obstructed, and not dirty, does this help?

Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.