Making/Receiving calls with the BlueSYNC TYM

Troubleshooting making/taking a call:

  • While listening to music with the BlueSYNC TYM, and connected to the speaker with a Bluetooth enabled phone, incoming calls can be answered by quickly pressing the button that looks like a phone.
    • Does pressing the call button answer the call?
  • Pressing the call button once you're done with the conversation will end the call, and the music should resume.
    • Does pressing the call button again end the call and resume the music being played?
  • To make a call, you must initiate the call from your phone. There is not a way to start a call from the speaker.
    • Does initiating a call from your phone allow you to make a call?


Troubleshooting for microphone:

  • There is a microphone on the speaker so that callers can hear you when you accept their phone call. If the caller says they cannot hear you, make sure your phone is paired to the BlueSYNC TYM for both MEDIA and PHONE under the Bluetooth settings menu found in your found for the paired device "BlueSYNC TYM".
    • Does your phone show it is paired to the BlueSYNC TYM for both PHONE and MEDIA?
  • If the BlueSYNC TYM was only connected via Bluetooth to the MEDIA portion of your phone, select the option in the Bluetooth settings of your phone so it is connected to both the PHONE and MEDIA.
    • Can the callers here you now?
  • If callers still cannot hear you, please try deleting the BlueSYNC TYM from your phone's paired device list, then pair to it all over again.
    • Does delting and then pairing to the speaker again solve the problem?

Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.