Sound is only coming from one BlueSYNC SLK speaker



First and foremost, please make sure that the two speakers of the BlueSYNC SLK are properly connected. The BlueSYNC SLK comes with speaker wire which must be stripped, and properly connected in order for sound to be transmitted from both speakers. Sound will come out of only one speaker if the speaker wires are not properly connected.


When the speakers are first received, use a wire stripping tool to remove some of the insulator from all four ends of the speaker wire. You will want to expose about a half inch of the speaker wire from the insulator. Once the wires are exposed, insert one end of the coupled speaker wire into the back of one speaker, and the other end into the back of the other speaker. There are input ports marked with a plus or minus sign. The tab for the plus port is red, and the tab for the minus port is black.


Press the tabs down and insert the exposed speaker wire into the port, and then release the tab. Make sure when you connect the two speakers that the wires correspond with each other. You want the wires to match, so which ever wire was inserted into the red or plus port on one speaker, needs to also be inserted into the plus or red port on the other speaker and vice versa for the black or minus port. Please see the illustration below.



  • Make sure the continuity of the speakers is correct. The cable inserted into the plus or red tab needs to also be inserted into the plus or red tab of the other speaker.
    • Are the speaker wires properly inserted into the both speakers, do you hear sound now?

Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.