Devices plugged into ENHANCE Memo Clock not charging

  • Note, the ENHANCE Memo Clock can only output at a maximum of 500mA, this may not be enough current for larger devices such as tablets, eReaders, and maybe even some SmartPhone's.
    • Does the USB device being plugged in require more than 500mA to charge?
  • Please make sure that your USB device is fully inserted into one of the USB ports. Disconnect and then fully connected it again.
    • Does this solve the problem?
  • If you are still not receiving power, please try a different USB port on the ENHANCE Memo Clock.
    • Is there still no charge being delivered to the plugged in device?
  • Please try a different USB cable or a different device if either are available.
    • Does the ENHANCE Memo Clock still not provide power despite using different cords and devices? 

Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.