The BlueVIBE F1T will not charge

  • The BlueVIBE F1T has a special proprietary charging cord that need to be connected to the charging contacts on the headset. The design of the charging contacts meets the IPX6 International Requirements to help the headset be resistant to liquids. When applying the charging cable, slide it from the headband of the left ear and up into the contacts until a click is felt/heard.
    • Does the charging cable click into place?
  • When the BlueVIBE F1T is connected to power the LED light on the headset will be illuminated red.
    • Do you see a light on when the headset is connected to power?
  • Should the LED not be illuminated, please make sure that there is a tight connection between the USB cable and the charging contacts on the BlueVIBE F1T, also try a different USB port, or if you have one a 5 volt AC to USB adapter can be used too.
    • When plugged into a different USB port or to a AC/USB adapter, does the headset's LED light come on?
  • If the port being used is verified to be good, connect the BlueVIBE F1T to a powered USB port for charging, and leave it OVERNIGHT. Sometimes the battery inside of the BlueVIBE F1T just needs to be "woken up" a little by extensive charging.
    • Does leaving the headset plugged in over night get it to charge?
  • Press and hold the power button to see if the LED power comes.    
    • Does pressing and holding the power button make it come on after an overnight charge?

Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.