Devices plugged into the ReVIVE PowerUP 4P are not charging

Troubleshooting:Note: The ReVIVE PowerUP 4P has an output of 5 volts with maximum current of 2 amps. If more than one device is plugged in, the available current will be split between the 2 devices. Meaning, if you have two devices plugged in, the maximum output will now be 1 amp per device. If you have 3 plugged in, it will be split to 0.66 amps per device. Some larger devices like tablets require at least 2 amps to charge. When a larger device is plugged into the PowerUP 4P you may not be able to charge another device, or if you are, the charge delivered to the plugged in devices may be a trickle (slow) charge.
  • Make sure the ReVIVE PowerUP 4P is plugged in and receiving power and the power switch is toggled on. The LED under the USB ports will be illuminated when there is power.
    • Is the LED on the ReVIVE PowerUP 4P on and receiving power?
  • Try plugging only one device into one of the ports on the ReVIVE PowerUP 4P.
    • Does the one device plugged in start charging?
  • If you are not receiving a charge from one port, try another.
    • Are none of the ports providing a charge to your device?
  • Make sure to try more than one device in all of the ports and multiple cables if possible to eliminate the possibility of the device or cables being the issue.
    • Does the ReVIVE PowerUP 4P charge any of the devices you've tried?

Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.