Devices connected to the ReVIVE RESTORE 4000 won't charge



  • Fully charge your ReVIVE RESTORE 4000 before using. Once charged, simply plug your device into the ReVIVE RESTORE 4000 and it should begin to charge.
    • After the Restore 4000 is recharged, does a device plugged into the ReVIVE RESTORE 4000 begin charging?
  • Make sure that both ends of the USB cable you are using are securely connected into your device, and into the ReVIVE RESTORE 4000.
    • Are the cables inserted securely?
  • Be aware that larger devices such as tablets may not charge, the maximum output of the ReVIVE RESTORE 4000 is 1 amp.
    • Are you using a larger device such as a tablet? 
  • Try using a different USB cable if one is available.
    • Does your device receive a charge now?

Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.