No sound can be heard while using the BlueBEAT SE

  • Please make sure that the BlueBEAT SE is fully charged and powered ON. When the BlueBEAT SE is ON the Power LED indicator will be blue.
    • Does the LED light up blue when the power is turned on?
  • The BlueBEAT SE must be paired to your Bluetooth enabled device to hear sound. Make sure your device shows it is connected to the BlueBEAT SE.
    • Does your Bluetooth enabled device show it is connected to the BlueBEAT SE?
  • Make sure that the volume on your device and the BlueBEAT SE are loud enough. Change both the media volume and the in call volume on your Bluetooth enabled device. 
    • Do you hear any sound after adjusting volume on both the BlueBEAT SE and your media device?
  • Keep your Bluetooth device within 30 feet of the BlueBEAT SE. The maximum Bluetooth range may vary in different environments, or with different mobile devices.
    • Does moving your device closer to the BlueBEAT SE solve the problem?
  • Try pairing the BlueBEAT SE to a different Bluetooth enabled device.
    • Are you able to hear anything when paired to a different device?

Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.