Battery life with BlueBEAT SE is short

  • Please make sure to give the BlueBEAT SE a FULL charge (2 hours) before first use.
    • Was the BlueBEAT SE charge FULL before using?
  • When charging, the red LED will be on, the LED will turn blue when the charge is full.
    • Does the LED turn blue when the charge is completed?
  • For best battery life, give the BlueBEAT SE a FULL charge, and a FULL discharge. Repeat this cycle known as "exercising" the battery a few times to get the best battery life. On a full charge, the BlueBEAT SE should last for about 4 hours of continuous playback or call time.
    • Does the battery of the BlueBEAT SE last 4 hours on a full charge after exercising the battery?

 Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.