Sound is only coming out of one side

  • Please try the headphones in a different audio device.
    • Does sound still come out of only one side?
  • Try plugging a different set of headphones into the BlueSENSE CLP.
    • With different headphones is sound still only on one side?
  • Make sure the 3.5mm jack is clean and fully inserted into the BlueSENSE CLP. Twist the headphones 3.5mm jack while inside of the BlueSENSE CLP.
    • Does cleaning and or twisting the audio jack solve the issue?
  • Pair the BlueSENSE CLP to another device and confirm if sound still only comes from one side.
    • Does sound still only come out of one side if paired to a different device?

Please contact the retailer or manufacturer for assistance if the above steps do not solve the problem.