No sound is heard from the BlueSYNC STX


  • Please make sure that the On/Off switch is in the ON position and that the power LED indicator is illuminated.
    • Are the speaker's power on?
  • Make sure that your Bluetooth enabled device is paired to the speaker.
    • If you go into Bluetooth settings on your device, does it indicate it is paired to the BlueSYNC STX?
  • Please make sure that the volume on your mobile device and the BlueSYNC STX are loud enough.
    • Does changing the volume on the speaker or your paired device enable you to hear audio?
  • Please make sure that your mobile Bluetooth device is within 30 feet of the BlueSYNC STX. The maximum Bluetooth range may vary in different environments and on the paired device.
    • If you move the device closer to the speaker, does sound come through?
  • If possible, try pairing a different device to the BlueSYNC STX or try using a different application for playing audio.
    • Does the speaker work with a different device our audio application?

Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.