SonaVERSE SRK is not powering on


  • The SonaVERSE SRK does not have a power button, it can only be turned on by the remote. Press the power button on the remote (blue light indicator should illuminate).
    • Does the system turn on?
  • Try plugging the AC adapter into a different wall outlet, verify the outlet being used powers other devices.
    • Does the SonaVERSE SRK turn on now?
  • Verify the remote is functioning. Do this by pointing it at a camera phone, if you can see the infrared light blink on your phones screen when a button on the remote is pressed, it is functioning.
    • Does your camera phone see the infrared light blink?
  • If the remote doesn't' appear to be working, try changing the battery on the remote, it is a CR2025 battery
    • Does the SonaVERSE SRK power on now?

 Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.