Solar charging with ReVIVE RESTORE 9200 doesn't work

  • The ReVIVE RESTORE 9200 can charge via AC power, or by purchasing add on Solar Panels.
    • Does the ReVIVE RESTORE 9200 take a charge if plugged into AC power?
  • Before charging with solar power, we recommend cycling (full charge/full discharge) with AC power first.
    • Have you fully charged the ReVIVE RESTORE 9200 with AC power before attempting solar charging?
  • Make sure the add on panel is installed correctly, please remove the panel and reattach, then place in direct sunlight. When properly attached the battery meter will flash and the red LED on the panel link will glow.
    • Does the red LED on the panel link glow when the panels are in direct sun light?

Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.