Groove Pal is not charging

  • The Groove Pal charges using a standard Micro USB cable plugged into the back of the speaker. When charging, the Groove Pal eyes should glow purple. When charging is finished the eyes will glow blue.
    • When the included Micro USB cable is plugged in, do the eyes glow blue?
  • If the GOgroove Pal is not charging, please remove, then reinsert the charging cable. Be sure the Micro USB cable is fully and securely inserted into the usb port.
    • Does removing then reinserting the Micro USB cable solve the problem?
  • It's possible the included Micro USB cable may be bad, please try using an alternative Micro USB cable if one is available.
    • Does using a different Micro USB cable allow the Groove Pal to charge?
  • Try plugging the Micro USB cable into a different USB port, and then into the Groove Pal.
    • Does switching the Micro USB cable to a different USB port allow the Groove Pal to charge?

Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.