Volume adjustment and/or Quick Search doesn't work

Troubleshooting:Note: Volume adjustment and Quickscan will only work with Bluetooth connectivity, if an auxiliary cable is plugged into the line in or line out ports of the FlexSMART X2 Mini it disabled the Volume and Quickscan features of the device. Before proceeding with troubleshooting, please unplug any auxiliary cable inserted into either the Line In or Line Out ports. For Bluetooth connectivity only, an auxiliary cable is not needed.
  • Volume adjustment on the FlexSMART X2 Mini is accessed by pressing the center dial in once, then a range value between 1-30 should appear on the screen, turn the dial to adjust the volume. ** Note, this does not change your radio or phones volume, only the amplification on the FlexSMART X2 Mini **
    • Does pressing the center button once bring up the volume adjustment, does turning the dial change the volume?
  • Quick search is done by pressing and holding the center dial in and holding it down for three seconds. The FlexSMART X2 Mini will then jump to the next clearest station in your area. ** Note, the display does not "scan" through the stations, it will quickly jump to the next clearest station. **
    • Does pressing and holding in the center dial for 3 seconds allow the FlexSMART X2 Mini to choose a new station?
  • If the FlexSMART X2 Mini does not find a clear station, it is possible there are not any clear stations in your area, at this time manually searching for a good channel may be required.
    • Does manually tuning to a free station work better for you?


Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.