SonaVERSE USB has bad sound quality

  • Make sure that both the SonaVERSE USB and your device are adjusted to a loud enough volume level.
    • Does adjusting the volume solve the problem?
  • Verify that all cables are plugged into the proper ports and that your device completely connected.
    • Does disconnecting any cords or removing from the dock, then reinserting solve the problem?
  • Try using different audio sources to make sure the speaker is functioning correctly, and that the problem is not being caused by your audio device.
    • Does the issue presist even if an alternative audio source is used?
  • Many times the quality of your MP3, WAV, MIDI, WMV, MP4 or other music file can affect the quality of the sound being produced. Please make sure that your music file is to the quality you expect.
    • Is the sound bad with all audio files or only some?

Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.