Charging port of inserted device blocked by USA GEAR VENTMOUNT XL wings

  • There are openings on the wings of the USA GEAR VENTMOUNT XL, slide the device so the charging port is aligned with the holes.
    • Will the charging port of your device line up with the wings holes?
  • Try to adjust the cradle feet so that it allows you to position your device without block the port.
    • If the feet are slid inward, are you able to lower the phone in the grips to unblock the charging port?
  • Moving the feet in will alow the phone to sit lower inside of the cradle. The USA GEAR VENTMOUNT XL will provide a secure enough grip to mount your device even without the support of the cradle feet.
    • Does this help?

Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.