SonaVERSE BX does not power on

  • Make sure the power switch is in the on position, the ON line needs to be lined up with the hash mark on the top of the speaker.
    • Is the speaker in the ON position?
  • If using with the USB cable for power, please make sure that USB power cable is connected to a functional powered USB port on your computer.
    • Do other devices plugged into the same port work?
  • Try the SonaVERSE BX in different USB ports.
    • Does plugging into a different USB port allow the SonaVERSE BX to power on?
  • If using the included battery for power, make sure the battery is inserted correctly, remove the battery then put it back in with the positive terminals closest to the ground.
    • Does removing the battery and reinserting with correct polarity allow the speaker to turn on?
  • Try charging the battery overnight with the included Mini USB power cord.
    • Does the battery appear to take a charge, will the speaker turn on now?


Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.