FlexSMART SP will not play music

  • Please make sure that the FlexSMART SP and your car FM stereo are tuned to the same station.
    • Does the static of the selected station go silent when the radio and transmitter are on the same channel?
  • Make sure that the 3.5mm audio cable is securely and FULLY inserted into both the audio port on the FlexSMART SP, and the headphone jack on your device. Try inserting, disconnecting, an re-inserting a few times to ensure a good connection.
    • Are you now able to hear the music?
  • Try more then one FM channel if the channel being used is not working.
    • Does tuning to a different channel solve the problem?
  • Please make sure that the volume on your car stereo and the volume on your audio device are turned up to at least 70% volume level. Additionally, make sure that you have pressed PLAY on your audio device.
    • Does music start coming through now?

Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.