FlexSMART SP will not power on

  • Make sure the FlexSMART SP is fully inserted into the DC outlet. Please remove, then reinsert the transmitter, gently apply forward pressure until it stops.
    • Does the FlexSMART SP power on now?
  • Press the QS button on the top left of the device, when the FlexSMART SP has power the ring around the barrel will be illuminated. The QS button doubles as the Quick Scan button and power button, when pressed and held for 5 seconds it will turn the FlexSMART SP on or off. 
    • Does the light come one when the QS button is pressed?
  • Try the FlexSMART SP in another outlet or a different vehicle.
    • Does the device power on now when inserted into a different outlet?
  • If the blue ring light is on, but the LED display is not, disconnect it from the neck, then reinsert it.
    • Does this solve the problem?
  • If you're able to, unscrew the tip of the DC barrel and inspect the fuse.
    • Does the fuse appear to be blown?

Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem..