Device connected to the ReVIVE SOLAR RESTORE XL is not charging

  • Make sure that you have charged the ReVIVE SOLAR RESTORE XL internal battery by either solar or USB charging. Press the large center button on the back to see how much battery power is left.
    • Is the battery showing a charge, if not charge it in the sun or a USB port, does this solve the issue?
  • Check to see that the control switch is in the OUT (lighting bolt), a charge will not be provided unless the switch is in the OUT position.
    • Is the switch on when you try to charge a device?
  • Please ensure that both ends of the USB cable you are using are securely and fully connected.
    • Remove the cable from both ports and reinsert, does this solve the issue?
  • If internal battery shows a full charge and the power is not being transferred to the connected device, please try a different USB cable to eliminate what is causing the issue.
    • Does using a different USB cable solve the problem?

Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.