There is too much static

  • For quick sound quality improvement, please turn your CAR STEREO VOLUME down to 20% of the maximum level. Next, turn the volume output of your audio device(cell phone or MP3 player) to 95%.
    • Does this reduce the amount of static experienced?
  • If using with a cell phone, please check your cell phone reception. When your cell phone is fighting for a signal, it can create some additional interference. Wait until you have a good cell phone signal, or you can turn your phone's AIRPLANE MODE on to improve sound quality.
    • Does waiting for a better signal or putting the phone into Airplane mode solve the static?
  • FM transmitting technology can be sensitive at times. With nearly 100 possible station choices, it can take some time to find the best station in your area. Try starting at the end of the FM frequencies such as 88.1 or 107.9, changing by .2 to check the next station's quality. For the best evaluation of static interference, PAUSE your music so that you hear silence when tuning both your car stereo and the FlexSMART i to the same station. This will allow you to make a clearer evaluation of each station. Every station will issue some low volume static, so play your music to check if the quality is acceptable for your preference.
    • Does this help?

Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.