Battery FAQs:

Here you will find basic and often asked questions regarding batteries.

How should a batteries or a battery pack be stored when not in use?

A quick and easy tip on extending the life of your battery pack by storing it. If the battery pack is not to be used for a long time, do the following procedures once per six months to maintain proper function:

1. Fully charge the battery.
2. Discharge on your electronic equipment
3. Remove the battery from the equipment and store it in a dry, cool place.

I just got the batteries. What do I need to do first before using them?

For new NiMH batteries, it is necessary to cycle them three to five times before they reach peak performance. Battery cycling can be achieved simply by using the batteries and recharging them or using a battery conditioner. This is also known as exercising the battery, the best way to do this is fully charge the battery, then fully discharge the battery. Repeating this cycle 5-6 times is recommended.

How long can the batteries hold their charge if I leave them on the shelf (shelf-life)?

At room temperature, NiMH batteries, without usage, will self-discharge in around 30 to 60 days, depending on environmental condition. In other words, if you leave the batteries on the shelf for more than 30 - 60 days, you should recharge the batteries before using them. It is normal for batteries to be fully depleted of power after long term storage.

I have not used my NiMH batteries in several months and they are not holding their charge. How can I fix this?

NiMH batteries will self-discharge if left unused. Generally, within 30 to 60 days, batteries will become completely drained. When using them, you will need to first recharge them. After extended storage, you may need to condition the batteries several times to regain nominal performance.

How often should I condition my batteries?

Generally speaking, NiMH batteries do not suffer from the "memory effect" and thus do not require conditioning. Nevertheless, to ensure top performance, conditioning is recommended at once for every ten charges. For Nickel Cadmium (NiCD) batteries, conditioning is recommended every time you charge your batteries.

How many times can I recharge my batteries?

The number of times you can recharge your batteries will depend on the operating parameters, such as drain rate, battery care, etc. In general, under desirable condition, NiMH can last up to 500 recharges. In best condition, NiMH can last up to 1000 recharges.

Can I leave my batteries in the charger until I need to use it?

When used with a overnight charger or a rapid charger with automatic termination, NiMH batteries can be left in the charger for an extended period of time without leakage, explosion, or deformation. However, do not store the batteries in the charger if it is not necessary. Always store charged batteries in a cool location.