Batteries inserted into the ReVIVE Uni Carger are not accepting a charge

  • Confirm the ReVIVE Uni Charger is receiving power when plugged in.
    • Does the LCD screen light up?
  • Make sure the two adjustable contacts inside the ReVIVE Uni Charger are lined up and touching a positive and negative contacting on the battery to be charged.
    • Are the contacts of the charger properly aligned with the contacts of the battery to be charged?
  • Inspect the battery to be charged, make sure it is not damaged and that the contacts are clean.
    • Clean off the contacts and make sure there is no damage, does this solve the issue?
  • Try the battery being charged in a different charger if possible, this will confirm whether the battery or the charger is at fault.
    • Does the battery receive a charger from a different charger?

Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem..