USB device connected to ReVIVE TRANS4M will not charge

  • Please make sure that ReVIVE TRANS4M is properly connected to the power source – AC, DC, AA or 9V.
    • Disconnect the power source, then reconnect, does this solve the issue?
  • Make sure that you see the LED indicator illuminate. This will indicate power flowing to the ReVIVE TRANS4M.
    • Is the LED light inside the battery compartment illuminated?
  • With an AC or DC outlet, make sure there is power supplied to that outlet. For AA and 9V, please make sure that you are using high quality batteries. Please ensure that the battery contacts are matched correctly.
    • Does changing the batteries or using a different outlet solve the issue?
  • Try all methods of power, AC, DC, and battery power to determine if one or all methods are not working.
    • Are all options to charge not working, or only certain options?
  • Make sure there is a good connection between the USB cable, ReVIVE TRANS4M, and your device.
    • Remove the cable and reinsert, does this solve the problem?
  • If possible, try using a different cable other then the one provided with the ReVIVE TRANS4M.
    • Does using a different cable solve the problem?
  • Make sure the device connected to the ReVIVE TRANS4M doesn't require more current to charge then the Trans4m is able to output.
    • What is the voltage and amperage required by your device for charging (consult your manual)?

Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.