Batteries are inserted in the ReVIVE PowerUP but LED light is not on

  • Be sure at least 2 - 4 batteries are inserted into the charger, charger can not charge only one battery.
    • Are at least two batteries inserted into the charger?
  • Make sure the inserted batteries are placed in the correct polarity.
    • Are the batteries inserted with the matching polarity?
  • LED light will not come on if there are no batteries inside of the charger.
    • Does the LED light come on when at least two batteries are inserted?
  • If there are at least two batteries in the charger and the LED light is not on, please try the charger in a different outlet, try different batteries, and inspect the batteries for any visible defect or damage.
    • Does trying different wall outlets or batteries solve the problem?

Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.