The LCD light does not stay on / LCD display will not turn on

  • Please note, the LCD back light should come on, but it does turn off. There is not a feature on the Sense for the backlight to stay on.
    • Were you looking for a clock that the backlight would stay on?
  • On the back of the Sense, please set the Power Switch (OFF/ON) to ON.
    • Does turning the power switch activate the LCD light for a few seconds?
  • While using AC power, please make sure that the AC wall outlet you are using is properly working. 
    • Try using a different outlet, does it come on now?
  • While using AA batteries, please make sure that the batteries have been properly inserted and are properly working. Try replacing with new batteries if the problem persists.
    • Does replacing the batteries allow the LCD light to come on briefly now?


Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.