Features of the XL LED Mouse Pad with Fabric Top

7 Monochromatic Colors

Clear, Optical Fiber Edges
  • Detailed edges of the mouse pad are designed with 3mm clear optical fiber that spreads the LED lighting evenly across the edges for a uniform and pleasant light effect.

Non-Slip Rubber Grip
  • The back of the mouse pad is entirely covered with a textured black rubber to adhere to any desk surface type
  • The textured non-slip grip provides a stable mousing surface that ensures your hand stays steady when making delicate movements or lining up accurate shots in game.

Smart Control Pad
  • Controlled by a 1 button touch smart pad that remembers your last color setting.

Large Precision Tracking Surface
  • The large sized mouse pad has over 143 square inches of surface area for unrestricted gaming.
  • Featuring a smooth fabric surface which offers a sleek effortless experience.