There is too much static


FM transmitters by nature are limited in their capabilities and regulated by the FCC. The relatively low power output of FM transmitters sometimes makes it unsuitable for use in some large urban areas because of the number of other radio signals. This is compounded by the fact that strong FM signals can bleed over into neighboring frequencies making the frequencies unusable with the transmitter.


When using a FM transmitter, it is important to find a station that is vacant and not being used by a broadcast company, meaning there is no audio on the station when you tune to it, you should only hear static. The predominant feature in some vehicles is the SCAN button which will find stations that are in use, what you want to do is manually TUNE to unused stations. If your radio has a visible TUNE button, use it to manual go station by station until an all static station is found. If a TUNE button is not visible, consult your vehicles owners manual for the location or feature which enables manual tuning.

  • Once you find a station that is nothing but static, tune the FlexSMART X2 Mini to the same station, after a second or two the static should be reduced to silence, this indicates that the FlexSMART X2 Mini is connected to the radio station chosen and broadcasting it's own signal. You can start playing music now.
    • Are you able to get the FlexSMART X2 Mini synced to the radio?
  • For quick sound quality improvement, please turn your CAR STEREO VOLUME down to 20% of the maximum level. Next, turn the volume output of your audio device (cell phone or MP3 player) to 95%.
    • Do you experience better sound quality after adjusting the volume on the media source?
  • FM transmitting technology can be sensitive at times. With nearly 100 possible station choices, it can take some time to find the best station in your area. Try starting at the end of the FM frequencies such as 88.1 or 107.9, changing by .2 to check the next station's quality. For the best evaluation of static interference, PAUSE your music so that you hear silence when tuning both your car stereo and the FlexSMART X2 Mini to the same station. This will allow you to make a clearer evaluation of each station. Every station will issue some low volume static, so play your music to check if the quality is acceptable for your preference.
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  • There is also an auto tune feature on the FlexSMART X2 Mini. Hold down the center button until a station suggestion appears, sometimes an even decimal station will be suggested, if your radio does not tune to even decimals, hold the center button down again until an odd decimal number station appears. Tune to that station and try using it.
    • Are good results experienced when using the auto search function?

Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.