Features of the XXL Charging Gaming Mouse Pad

Huge Gaming Surface
  • With over 480 square inches of surface area, the PowerUP XXL Mouse Pad is an expansive pad that covers desk spaces at work or at home.
  • Set your keyboard, mouse, phone, and more on the giant mouse pad that protects both your desk and cushions your wrist during intense gaming sessions or long work hours.

Integrated Wireless Charging Hub
  • The wireless charger functions with any wireless charging capable device and is Qi Charging compatible.

Fast Charging Compatible
  • Use the included gold-plated micro USB cable to connect directly to your PC or USB hub for standard trickle charging or connect to a 3.1A wall adapter to enable fast charging.
  • The standard USB charging is great at work for keeping your phone charged throughout the day, while the fast charging is great for those quick 15-30 minute charge sessions in between games.

Reinforced Stitched Edges
  • The anti-fray stitching around the edges of the mouse pad eliminate unsightly fraying and improve the durability of the mouse pad to resist wear-and-tear from daily use.