Features of the ENHANCE GX-MP6 Aluminum Mouse Pad

Large Gaming Surface
  • At nearly 132 square inches of surface area, the MP6 is nearly 80% larger than standard mouse pads.

Rigid & Sleek Gaming Surface Pad
  • The GX-MP6 provides a sleek and smooth surface that allows optical and laser gaming mice to operate at full effectiveness.
  • You'll notice an increase in speed and might need to adjust your DPI to compensate for the increased mouse sensor readings.

Curved Edges for Smooth Gaming
  • GX-MP6 offers smooth beveled edges for a modern aesthetic that also ensures your wrists are comfortable when they rest up against the edges of the mouse pad. 

Rubber backing
  • The entirety of the back is covered in a textured non-slip grip that prevents unwanted movement when the going gets tough.