Computer not recognizing UBR/not playing audio

  • Please keep in mind that the USB cable is for power only and the two cables have separate functions that are indicated by an embossed logo on their sleeve. One cable is for audio, denoted by the embossed headphone logo on the sleeve. One cable is for microphone pass-through, denoted by the embossed logo on the sleeve. The microphone cable is not necessary for audio. Please make sure the USB cable is connected into any powered USB port and the Audio cable is connected into either the green colored port in the rear of the computer, or the headphone port in the front of the computer (if applicable).
  • You may need to adjust your audio settings in order for the audio to output through the SonaVERSE UBR. As this is a plug and play device, there are no drivers required as they use the computer's internal drivers (on windows they are generally known as Realtek).  
    • If you right click your speaker icon in the bottom right corner, there should either be a button that said "playback devices", "Output" or "audio settings", you can select either of these to get to your audio settings.
    • If you right-click any option listed, there should be a button that says "Test", select test on both and see if audio comes out of the speaker.
      • If audio does come out of the UBR, that is the audio driver on your computer that needs to be selected.
  • Please make sure to adjust volume on your media device as well as on the SonaVERSE UBR. To adjust volume on the SonaVERSE UBR, turn the volume control wheel clockwise increase volume counterclockwise to decrease volume.
  • Lastly, if all other troubleshooting options do not work, please try the speakers with another media device. If possible, try a mobile device such as a tablet or smart phone with a 3.5mm port or adapter/dongle that will allow you to connect the SonaVERSE UBR.
    • Do the speakers work when plugged into another media source?