What are the features of the Cryogen 5 Cooling Pad?

Dual USB Ports and Fan/LED Controls
The Cryogen 5 can easily be adjusted for fan speed and LED Lighting. Use the radial dial to control both the fan speed as well as the LED Lighting intensity. The Cryogen 5 features 2 USB ports used to power the pad and the other for gaming accessories such as a mouse, keyboard, or microphone.

Designed for Comfort
Select from 7 different height settings to dial in on the most comfortable position for you. Perfect for desks, tables, or any sort of flat surface. The Cryogen 5 comfortably fits laptops up to 17 inches to maximize airflow and performance whilst gaming.

Removable Bumper Plate
The removable bumper plate, located on the back side of the pad, enables an ultra, portable design which is ideal for mobile gamers.

Extra-Large Fan
The powerful yet silent airflow produced by the extra-large fan, keeps your laptop in peak performance during long and intense gaming sessions.
  • 1 x 800 RPM Fan
  • 63 CFM

Slim and Portable Design
The very slim profile of the Cryogen 5 features foldable legs and a removable bumper plate located in a secretive spot on the back side of the cooling stand. When folded, the Cryogen 5 easily fits into backpacks or bags that also includes your gaming laptop and accessories.