Features of the Large Gaming Mouse Pad

Ergonomic Memory Foam Pad
Plush memory foam forms to your wrist's shape in order to provide the perfect typing angle at work, home, or while gaming.
  • Soft yet Firm & Supportive
  • Wrist Support in Entire Length of Pad
  • Easy to Clean

Premium Stitching & Non-Slip Grip
High quality stitching prevents unsightly seams, fraying, and curled edges and resists the wear and tear of heavy daily use. The durable pad also features a textured rubber backside that provides stabilization on desks of all types including glass, metal, wood, and more.

Use at Work or at Home
Whether you are a gamer, work at an office, or have a computer intensive hobby, remaining comfortable at your desk is one of the most important aspects of productivity. Ideal for office settings, gaming desktops, or even pro studios, ENHANCE offers comfort and quality for every application.

1 Inch Memory Foam Wrist Pad
An ergonomic design that features a one inch height with memory foam support built into the base of the mouse pad alleviates symptoms of carpal tunnel and aids in typing comfort. By supporting your wrists at a higher angle, your hands operate in a neutral position that is not only comfortable, but allows for less finger and wrist fatigue over a long computer session.