Features of the Community Dice Organizer Case & XL Rolling Case

A Dice Hoarder’s Dream
Securely store up to 500 dice using both the dice tray side and the detachable organizer. The scratch-resistant interior and pockets are also perfect for tokens, figures, pens, more.

2-in-1 Dice Storage and XL Rolling Tray
Intuitively designed to unzip easily and functions to pass dice around the table while keeping the large dice rolling tray within reach of all players at the table. 

The Dice Battlefield
Roll dice without knocking over minis or having them fall off the table with 1.5-inch high walls that are taller than most trays! Extra large & long enough for the whole table to roll on.

Dice Repository
The removable Dice Repository organizer tickles the OCD in all dice collectors. Its large zippered pocket is perfect for holding small notepads, pens, markers, spare dice pools, and more.
The Dice Repository also features a side with 8 netted pockets that can be used to sort your dice by type or class, all while keeping dice visible through the mesh for ultimate convenience.