What are the features of the ENHANCE Gaming Headset Case?

Our headset case is large enough to store most headsets, has room for various audio accessories and includes a rugged carrying handle with a removable shoulder strap. 

Designed for Travel, Inspired by Gaming

A rugged weather resistant exterior provides protection from the elements while the dual layered protective layer offers both padded cushioning and impact absorption.

The compact circular design combined with the durable carrying handle and detachable shoulder strap make it incredibly portable and easy to store in larger bags or simply toss into your car.

Elastic Security Strap
The secure band keeps your headset in place and is durable enough to withstand the rigors of frequent travel. The two piece elastic band is easily snapped on to accommodate both wired and wireless headsets.

Accessory Organization Section
Organize your earbuds, flash drives, USB cables, AUX cables and more in the integrated storage compartments. A series of elastic straps holds small accessories in place while a large central pocket can be used for extra organization space.

Dual Layered Protection
The case is lined with two layers of protection: One hard ABS layer and a soft cushioned foam pad. The rigid layer protects against moisture, scratches and provides structure. The soft foam absorbs impacts, bumps and more.