Sound coming from speaker system is distorted or has static


  • It is recommended that you allow 8 hours of playtime for the speaker system to 'wear-in' for best sound
    • Did you allow the 'wear-in' time for the speaker? 
  • Keep your audio device at 80-90% volume for best sound transmission
    • Does adjusting the audio help ease any distortion/static? 
  • Many times, the quality of your music file can affect the quality of the sound being produced (A song from the 1980's will sound different than a song from 2022)
    • Please make sure that your music file is to the quality expected
      • Are all songs being listened to distorted with static or only some of them?
  • Try lowering the volume of the audio device connected to the speakers and turn the volume up on the SB 2.1's
    • Does adjusting the volume of both the device and the speaker system solve the problem?
  • In certain cases, if the bass is turned up too high, it can distort the sound of the speakers. Use the BASS knob to lower the bass level
    • Did lowering the bass rid of any distortion/static?