No sound or the SB 2.1 Speaker System is not powering on


  • Please make sure the speaker system is properly connected to power
    • If needed, try plugging the speaker into a different outlet
  • Make sure that the power is ON by pressing the power switch located on the back of the subwoofer to the ON position
    • Does toggling the switch make the speakers come on?
  • If the blue lights are on when the switch is toggled, please try turning the VOLUME knob to the right
    • The VOLUME knob is the top most knob whereas the bottom knob is for BASS
  • Verify all the cables are securely and firmly plugged into the correct ports
    • If the cables are off by even 1mm, the audio and/or LED's will not function properly
  •  Try plugging a different media device into the speakers such as a smartphone or tablet
    • Does the speaker system work with the alternate media device?
  • Try plugging only the satellite speakers into a functioning media device (Please note the LED lights will not turn on)
    • Does audio play from both satellite speakers?
    • If so, try plugging them back into the subwoofer ensuring there is no dust or dirt in the crevices of the 3.5mm jacks.
      • Does the speaker system now function properly?