LED lights on the speaker or subwoofer are not glowing


  • Please make sure the SB 2.1 speaker system is properly connected to power
    • Try plugging into a different outlet if needed
  • Make sure that the power is ON by pressing the power switch located on the back of the subwoofer to the ON position
    • Does toggling the switch make the speakers and lights come on?
  • Please press the button on the front of the speaker below the Bass Knob
    • Do the lights turn on now?
  • Check the connection of your satellite speakers in the SPEAKER OUT L and R ports. Ensure they are firmly pressed all the way inside their corresponding ports. If off even just by 1mm, the LED's will not function properly as imaged below:
  • Does aligning the satellite speakers properly allow for the LED's to come on? 

NOTE: If you are using extended audio cables, the LED lights will NOT illuminate. If you indeed need to use an extension, you will need to use a 4-pole cable. Essentially, it is a cable that has both headphone and microphone functionality. The SB 2.1 Speakers use the microphone channel for the LED's. You can purchase a compatible cable that says 'microphone compatible' by following the link here.