What does the Enhance Mechanical Keyboard Mod Kit come with?

Key cap puller
  • Utilize the key cap puller so that you can get the dust and particles in between your keys

Cleaning brush and Microfiber cloth
  • Now you can regularly clean and remove dust from underneath your keys with the included brush and soft microfiber cloth
  • You can use the kit to clean not just your keyboard but also your mouse, monitor, and PC

140 Clear O-Rings
  • 50A O-rings attach to the stems of the mechanical keyboard caps
  • Reduces the “clacking” sound created by keys that are pressed too far downward
  • Increases the speed by reducing the distance that the keys have to travel
  • You will not lose your LED lights using the O-rings as they are indeed transparent

Drawstring storage pouch
  • The storage pouch is included so that you can store all parts from the mechanical keyboard mod kit
  • Not just that, but you can store extra mice, cables, and anything else you can think of inside the pouch