Bluetooth enabled device will not pair to the BlueSYNC

Pairing a Bluetooth device to the BlueSync:
  1. The BlueSYNC will automatically enter PAIRING MODE when turned ON, indicated by the blinking Volume +/- buttons.
  2. Make sure that the mobile device is within at least 3 feet of the receiver when trying to pair.
  3. Confirm that the volume +/- buttons are flashing. Access the Bluetooth settings in your mobile device and select SEARCH/SCAN FOR DEVICES. The mobile device will begin to search for a Bluetooth signal.
  4. The name “BlueSYNC” will appear in the device list. Select it to pair, and if a password or PIN is needed enter the numbers “0000”. If needed, select “BlueSYNC” and press “CONNECT”.
  5. After a successful connection has been made, a short tone will be audible and the (1) Volume +/- buttons will stay illuminated.
  • Please make sure the BlueSYNC is in PAIRING MODE, the volume +/- buttons will be flashing to indicate that it is.
    • With the BlueSYNC in paring mode, does the speaker show up when searching for a Bluetooth device?
  • Please make sure the 3.5mm AUX is disconnected from the Aux line-in port. Once disconnected, the BlueSYNC will enter PAIRING MODE again.
    • If the AUX cable is disconnected will the BlueSYNC be in pairing mode?
  • Try pairing a different Bluetooth enabled device to the BlueSYNC.
    • Will an alternate device pair to the BlueSYNC?

Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.