Sound is not being transmitted when connected to a car radio

  • Please make sure that the volume is at an audible level on both the Bluetooth audio device and on the sound system. Audio is independently controlled by each device.
    • Does changing the volume on the radio and Bluetooth enabled device solve the issue?
  • Check the sound system settings to ensure “AUX” or “Line-in” settings have been selected.
    • Is AUX/Line in selected now, did that solve the issue?
  • Please check the Bluetooth enabled device output settings. It should indicate that it is providing Bluetooth audio.
    • Does your Bluetooth enabled device indicate that Bluetooth is being used?
  • Be sure the BlueGATE is securely connected into the 3.5mm AUX port of the sound system, remove and plug back in.
    • Does removing the plug and then plugged back in securely solve the problem?

Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.